Need help to answer security questionnaire before my company can begin to use Sketchup

Need help to answer security questionnaire so we can start to use Sketchup at our company but not getting a reply from Sketchup official Support/Sales

Can somebody direct me to a member of the sketchup team that can help or provide another link to follow up this request :slight_smile:

Any help is much appreciated

What do you want to know? Which ports need to be open? What data is exchanged?

Hi Mike thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Need a contact from Sketchup’s security team who I can provide a dedicated TPRA third party risk assessment questionnaire that needs to be completed before we are allowed to use this software within my company.

from the EULA:

The EULA itself:

Trimble on Privacy:

supplement for SketchUp:

Hi Mike,

Thank you again for the detailed reply!

I have reviewed the information and this is for sure relevant to the request but I will need a contact to whom I can then introduce our security team to handle the request as this is the only protocol that is allowed by the company I am currently working for. Do you have an email address for the security department or a security representative for Sketchup?

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I think you need to start from here:

Hi Annsi,

Thank you for replying to this thread and also providing the contact us details for sketchup but unfortunately I have tried contact this sales and support previous to writing for help on this thread/forum.

I am not receiving any reply from the previous attempts to contact sales as of yet.

Hopefully they will reply soon…

Hi all,

So I have contacted the sales and security team multiple times and have not received any reply, its now over 2 weeks.

Is this usual?

Not sure why I am struggling to make this happen as have not had this issue with any other company.

Hope they reply soon…


I did point the right person to this topic after your first post. I will try again.

Hi Colin,

Thank you very much for helping :slight_smile: