Need HELP LO.2018 error reading files

Pls I need HELP! with LO 2018 error reading files and I try to rename from .layout to .zip as @ADAM previos advice, but still same error. I try to compare with other LO’Files as attched. I think in corrupt LO files lost 2 files (references.xml & styleManager.xml) and found 1 error. How can I fixed it? Big thx in advance.

What other layout files? Layout files have the suffix .layout but there aren’t any in your screenshot.

If @adam gave you advice on this previously, maybe he is the best person to advise.

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It looks like you didn’t do the renaming. I looked at Adam’s advice, and it isn’t very easy to follow all of it.

Are you able to upload the problem file, and give a link to the file? I am very familiar with the steps Adam gave, and could try to fix it.