Need Help in selecting a PC for SketchUp 2016 with Vray rendering

I bought a Cheap computer for some small projects I am working on, SketchUp works flawless but then customer asked for Model rendering so they look realistic.
I tried Vray and no matter what I do they pictures come to blurry and not realistic at all.
I guess it’s the computer I am using.
I asked someone for an opinion and they are using a computer worth $3000 and I was shocked.
I am basically looking for Vray 2.0 rendering with SketchUp 2016. Please help. I’ll help you guys render your images later. haha.
I am attaching an output picture showing how bad my rest is. this is just a small display.

Your ‘cheap computer’ has nothing to do with the quality of the render. It might just takes a lot of time while you tweak parameters and render, that’s it.

Be sure to make 3 things correct:

1- Create your geometry neatly. Check your object’s face orientation (Display ‘Monochrome’ to see it better). Never apply a material for backface (blueish colored face by default) for rendering.
2- Find appropriate textures, adjust material parameters accordingly (observe real life objects). Refer to official manual a lot (See below).
3- Set your render settings (and other stuff). Check manual for tutorials about it.

Also spend some time on reading Vray manual. Most of the time answer is there:

You can upload your SketchUp (.skp) file here for people to have a look at, give feedback etc.


Thanks for a reply.
Sir, I am relieved and confused at the same time.
Relieved - because I may not have to spend too much money because my computer can get me the right result.
Confused - because people I asked for advice told me that I need to have a powerful computer for rendering.
I am attaching a part of the model that I have drawn. Guess this will be the best way of checking what I am doing wrong.
kiosk vray.skp (766.0 KB)

A powerful computer can render in half an hour what a week computer renders in a day or two. That’s why you in practice need a powerful computer for rendering. However, a powerful computer doesn’t automatically make the images better (unless the weak is too weak to support the render engine properly but then it is unlikely to render anything at all).

Furthermore, If you only render furniture objects in a vacuum and not complete architectural design projects or landscapes you won’t need a very powerful computer at all. Usually when people discuss rendering they think of far more complex models.

Somewhat off topic but if you don’t want to pay 3000 USD for a computer maybe V-Ray is also too expensive for you. I’d recommend looking into cheaper or free rendering engines that are less complex and often easier to use.


In my opinion to achieve more realistic result You have to model environment (some kind of studio with lightning or just an empty room) and try to render. If time is acceptable, You won’t need a new computer.

For example there is Your model in an empty room. Render time is 7 minutes. My computer specifications: i7 4790k, 16GB ram

PS. Try also chamfer/round edges

Test 01.skp (2.4 MB)

PS2. here is an interesting video about photorealism in CGI

it took me a while to realize what i am looking at.
thank you soooo much sir.
i also have an i7 processor with 16GB RAM.
i rendered the models you sent me and the result came one same in around same time.
i just wanted to ask you if you made any changes to the model apart from adding environment?? once again, thank you so much.
I am new with V-ray, can you suggest me how can i learn.

Yes, I chamfered some edges with Round Corner and replaced your materials with Vray materials from standard library.

In my opinion best place to learn Vray is YouTube and official documentation

Thanks. you cleared my confusion.

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