Need guidance to create a site plan from existing pdf

Want to hire someone to help me turn a site plan (.pdf) into a Sketchup drawing as a start to a set of construction plans. Not just import and go but redraw the site plan as an exercise in working with Sketchup pro. I have a years subscription. Based in Maricopa County AZ, USA

I am new to Sketchup (old AutoCAD drafter). It has been 20 years since working in CAD.

Do you have any specific questions to get you started with the exercise? I’m not looking to get hired but there may be many forum members that are willing to get you up and running, incuding myself.
Can you share the site plan (pdf)?


That’s a good thing to start on. You have options for making Components, like the trees (draw once, then repeat, scale, etc.). Also for making Groups, like the building, the various enclosing boundaries, etc. Nothing too testing there. As @Wo3Dan says, what do you need to know?

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This is a great way to learn SketchUp! And to help you get started here is a preliminary SketchUp model based on the site plan you posted.

201030B_Site_Plan.skp (12.2 MB)
Looking at this model should help you see how Tags, Scenes and Groups can be used.

And after geo-locating the model you can import terrain images … and a terrain mesh.

You can also export a .KMZ file that you can open in Google Earth.

201030D_Site_Plan.kmz (3.5 KB)


PM me if you want to talk about this some more.


I design 2 and 3D cad drawings. I have used Sketchup for 11years and I have 4 years of Revit from PCC, I will rebuild old blueprints if needed (I have the tools to take an old floor plan without diminsions and put accurate diminsions back into the plan), and I will go into any home and take measurements and reconstruct the walls in the plans to make the client happy. I can also take any floor plan and create a 3D model of the house with some help from the clients color schemes I can bring their dreams to life in 3 dimensional views. I can then render the image to a more realistic view and finally I can format the image into an animated AVI image. I am willing to go into foreclosures, flipped homes as well as any other type of renovation. I am willing to do floor plans, foundation plans, details, section plans. I am very interested in helping in any way possible. I would also like to sit down and go through what I can offer to your business and your clients. I have volunteered to help build props for several functions.

I am available and I will give you the results you are looking for.


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