Need advice for mouse

yeah, normally it’s a set of extra keys that you can assign to either functions or shortcuts

so on one hand, you could assign G11 to the line tool, or to shift-G or to 6
(assuming the config tool for gaming is as advanced as the one for office work, knowing logitech, it should be)

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Yes it can.

Button Layout

bandicam 2023-09-04 16-12-04-994

I use Logitech Master mice. It can seem like a lot to drop on one piece of hardware, but when you think about how many hours per day you use it, it is really a small investment. For $90 US, I get three years out of a Master. That’s $30/year… that’s $2.50 per month… it costs me a few cents per day to use a mouse that is comfortable, cordless, and is super customizable. The MX Master 3 is an amazing mouse!

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Agree, and I’m sure it will work without any issues for a lot more than three years, as I said, my wife is still using my 10y.o performance MX, it was the top of the line more than ten years ago when I got it.

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I have one on my streaming machine that is 8 years old. My biggest problem with my last one was that the thumb button squeaked every time I pressed it. It was so loud my microphone started picking it up!

I’ve always regarded the mouse, keyboard and monitor to be the most important parts of whatever computer I’ve worked on as they are the only parts I interact with.
It doesn’t matter how much horsepower a PC has if it cramps my hands and causes me to squint.

And it doesn’t matter how comfortable you feel using your mouse/keyboard and how sharp is the image of your monitor if it gets laggy even with a small model or crashes frequently cause it lacks of ram.
Peripherals aren’t as important as hardware.
I always recommend to invest first on the pc hardware and wait to upgrade peripherals if it’s possible, you can get the job done faster with a powerful machine and not so good peripherals but you can’t with a low end machine and high end peripherals.
With a powerful machine you can work on various projects without issues and get paid sooner than having to work at the low end machine pace but with a 4K monitor that will slow down it even more.

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thank all of you who gave me advice & spend a little time for unswering, I just buy logitech mx master 3s on ebay, new one, paid 70$ & very happy, but I must wait 1-2 week or maeby more till it come to my friend in NY & than he sent it to me in georgia.


Long-awaited things are more satisfying. I wish you satisfaction with the mouse and great projects in SU!

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3 hours ago I got my mouse, after 27 day of waiting :)))
its amazing
I can confidently say that I have never had a mouse before :)))
thanks all of yous for any advices & good luck


Well done!
Don’t forget you can program the buttons to do whatever you want on a per app basis, so for example, you could have the 2 small buttons next to your thumb be the keystrokes for Line (L) and Rectangle(R) in SketchUp but still be Back/Forward in any other app.

I have the button under the thumb (large padded area) as TaskView so I can quickly jump between apps.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Like others, also would recommend a MX Anywhere mouse (and keyboard combination).
Easy to switch between 3 devices (pc, laptop, tv, mobile, tablet, watch,…) if needed while stil using the same mouse (and keyboard).
If you only work at the office or at home, would recommend the ‘larger’ version, otherwise you could buy the ‘travel’ version which is a bit easier to cary around.

image: MX Anywhere mini and maxi

imag: MX Keys mini and maxi

If possible would also recommend an additional mouse thingy, 3dconnexxion spacemouse.
Maybe you’ve seen it in one of many tutorial videos with (TheOneAndOnly)Aaron.
Same here, option for the ‘full’ version which is best for the office or at home, otherwise you could buy the ‘smal’ version so you can carry it around whereever you go.

iage: 3d connexion spacemouse mini-medi-maxim

Goodluck hunting mouses.

Update: congrats on your new mouse! Now feed it wisely :wink:

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thank you, I downloaded logitech application, from there configure some buttons, of course it need time to understand which configuration is best for each person, but this mouse is amazing, I’m 48 & sonce 1998 I had contact with computer and mouse, last 2 years I interested modeling & motion softwares & spend more time with computer, but never think that mouse will be such functionally convenient.
thanks to all, I’m happy :)))

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its fun, only yesterdey I got this mouse & this video on youtube

thanks @TheOnlyAaron :))) :+1: