Need a little help closing the faces on this hole section:

Could someone point me in the right direction…
I need to close the faces on the INTERIOR of this hole section.
I’m at a loss.

RCA_antenna.skp (382.3 KB)

I can’t look at your model, currently on phone.
My question would be how did you get the hole, go back a step or two and create the ‘cylinder’ and slice it at 45deg both sides then copy array it around to make a complete piece.

so its going to be a 3d print. there is a tapered pole in the file… that this will slide onto.
So I created it by positioning it on the pole, then did a solid tools/intersect.
So its its a not a perfect “hole”
If that makes sense.


It appears that part of the problem is you didn’t draw things on axis and they aren’t centered. Do you have the dimensions and/or a picture of what this thing is supposed to look like?

Hi Dave,
yea. this piece is suppose to slide onto this tapered pole, after 3d printing.

How critical are those knobs on the ends? They are not symmetrical and aren’t centered on the tapered portion. The tapered portion isn’t symmetrical either although I gather they should be.

well both parts should look as they do now.
I was going to run a subdivision to smooth it out later.

So things off-center and roughly drawn?

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yes the oblong shape to the “knobs” is intentional. as well as the taper on the pole.

Does this work for you? I redrew the knobs and the mast so circles were on axis. You’re randomly oriented circles and 45 sides make getting things to fit difficult. Then I used the mast to trim the knob component. I also scaled the model up to avoid the tiny face issue. As it was, you had it pretty small. It’s probably still not the same size as the original.

RCA_antenna20.skp (63.4 KB)

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This is a bit of a demo along the lines of what Dave has done.


That’s fantastic! Thank you so much!
Really appreciate your help. :handshake:

Thank you for this video also!
Excellent! Really really nice!

Subtract would perhaps have been a better tool.

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