Naming plugin?

Hello I am looking for a plugin that allows me to name any sketchup object even if it is not a component is there such a plugin?

Thanks to those who will respond me.

Only groups and components and component definitions have names. This is given by the object model that is the basis of the extension API. Extensions use the API but can by principle not make changes (=break) to the object model of the API.

You are however free to define your own, additional data fields (like “name”) as entity attributes. Attributes won’t be displayed in Entity Info, but in any attribute viewer.

See here several extensions for viewing and editing attributes:

That was helpfull . :+1:
Thank you for your time .

But please be aware that the model space is a shared space, so when you attached dictionaries to model objects those dictionary names must be unique so as not to clash with any other dictionary.

What we usually suggest is that the developer prefix any dictionary name with their dev or company name along with the extension name that the dictionary (and it’s attributes) will be used for.

For example, you could name the dictionary "Ugo_Properties" and then create a "Name" attribute within this unique dictionary.