my.SketchUp Roadmap; Linux; Drawing my "Life Extension Village" - suggestions


Being a hard-core Fedora Linux person, I find it is a pain to run SketchUp on Wine or in a Windows VM - so I was super-excited when I found out about my.SketchUp - it is exactly what I need! However, there are still some considerations for me:

There doesn’t appear to be a RoadMap for my.SketchUp - is anyone able to comment when the likely ETA is for it to be “substantially” equivalent to the Windows version? My immediate and near-future needs are:

  • re-create the drawings for the first house in the village ( in my.SketchUp
  • to be able to import contour information from a DWG for the whole Village plan
  • draw the whole village (another 11 houses) as a site plan but with detail for the second house after I have finished recreating the drawings for the first house

I am not a professional CAD person but I am fairly familiar with things like InkScape etc but I am unlikely to be able to get the DWG files from the engineering company (I only have the files as PDFs and the company has gone broke) and it is probably a good exercise to recreate the first house drawings anyway. I attach some of the drawings but you can see more at the web site. Does anyone have suggestions about the most efficient way of proceeding? - from a “not wasting time” point of view but also in terms of learning my.SketchUp?


SK_5573_026.C_Lot4_Elevations.pdf (284.8 KB)

SK_5573_028_Lot4_Plan_G_UpdatedDriveway.pdf (2.3 MB)

SK_5573_024.D_Lot4_SitePlan.pdf (400.3 KB)

Your basic questions have already been asked in this category.

Summary (paraphrasing):

  • is still in beta (under development)
  • It is not yet for commercial use
    • (ie, there are no licenses by itself for commercial work.)
  • Trimble employees cannot reveal future plans.
    • (Trimble is a publicly traded company and this would be against the law.)
  • The current thinking is that my.sketchup is not a replacement for desktop SketchUp Pro.
    • It will more likely serve as a buddy applet to use in the field.
  • The educational school market (running on tablets, cheap Chromebooks, etc.) is one of the goals.

You’ll need to poke around for the actual statements made by the team members.

My thoughts, re your plans:

  • DWG and PDF file import is a Pro Only feature, that is too heavyweight for a client-side browser applet.

    • This functionality is more likely to be implemented as a server-side pay per use feature of Trimble Connect, and would be a conversion to SKP file on the server. Then you’d import that as a component.
  • Having the whole village in one model may max out your browser process memory-wise. (There is a post here on how to tell the browser how to use more memory.)

  • Whatever it is you cannot do in because it is a Pro feature, you can always pay someone who has a Pro license to do for you.


Thanks for all that!