Multiple materials on the same entity

I am trying to apply two materials to the same entity (for example: I am applying a color to the facade of a house I modeled, and I would like to apply a texture on top of that to give the effect of stucco)

Is this possible? I have been using photoshop to apply a texture to a color and then import that as a custom material for sketchup.

Thanks for the help in advance…

Nope. Only one material at a time on a face. You’ll need to continue making your texture in Photoshop or edit the ones you’ve made.

If the colour you want to apply is a RGB value, and if you work in layers (various elements organised to them) then you can still apply a regular texture to the face but change your viewing style and map the various layers to the various RGB values you want.

You can always apply the material, then double-click it to edit it in the Materials window. Then use the color editing tabs to choose a tool to modify the color of the selected material.

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That type of texture layering is more in the domain of a render engine. For Sketchup you would have to bring in a “flattened” version of the texture. One of the components of a renderer is the ability to apply a “bump map” to a texture so the rendering will emulate dimensions in that surface (like the stucco you mention). As Sketchup is not a renderer, the only way to create dimension in a surface is to actually model it ( e.g. the indents in plaster/grout lines in brick etc, which may then only be appreciated with sunlight on it. Modelling this physical dimension isn’t so practical much of the time and can create unnecessarily huge models very fast.

A way to display a realistic stucco texture on your model would be to create that stucco texture in PS with attention to the light direction on it… which should match the chosen sun position in your model as it relates to the orientation of the face you’re putting it on. So you’d have to plan it. However, if you’re getting into this kind of detail you might want to consider a rendering plugin which would be more versatile…

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