Multiple holes in a ring

I have a large ring 24 cm diameter 2cm wide 2.5cm height and I need to make 900 holes 3mm holes in it. Any quick way?

In what pattern?

Create the ring layout in 2D first. Assuming that there is a repetitive circular pattern, layout the first set of holes and remove the middles:

Next, use the rotate tool to create an array of the holes:


When done, extrude the surface to the desired thickness:


[Note: As far as I know, the credit for this work-order solution goes to @DaveR]


By the way, when following @jimhami42’s suggestion, given the size of the holes (3mm) you would be well advised to scale up before doing the operations else there is a risk of SketchUp deleting tiny faces.

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Tes I do know about this method, unfortunately the holes have to run from outside -inside , not top to bottom, i.e. at 90 degrees to the ones demonstrated. So one has to make the #D ring first. Sorry, I should have mentioned this.

Solid tools subtraction will be quick (make sure all items are solid components or groups).

Draw your ring, draw and array the tubes, then subtract them from the ring.

As GSTUDIOS indicated, using Solids and subtracting the “drills” from the rin will be quick. Instead of making a whole lot of copies of the drill and trying to subtract them all, I did one segment and then used Copy/Rotate to create a radial array. It’s probably not the pattern you want but it should give you an idea.


That looks very promising but how do you subtract more than one tube at a time?
(I have 900 holes to make)

I only subtracted 5 as I showed in my screen shot. If all the cylinders are inside one solid group or component, the subtraction can be done in one step.

The subtract tool only allows me to subtract 1 tube at a time, so how do you select all 5 and subtract in at one time?

Put all five cylinders in side one group or component and make sure it is solid.

I just tried that now and it works wonderfully. Thank you so much! Brilliant.