Multiple computer Access to single open model

Hi, my name is joe and this is my first topic, i had a thought about how much faster you may be able to get a project done if you could get a team of individuals on their own computers to get together and fix/create the model/models which are supposed to be worked on.

my thoughts on how it will work is one person, (the host computer/ team leader) will open the model, then, the host will invite the computers to work on the model, or some kind of access notification will go out and let all connected or allowed computers log on when the file opens . id assume itd be best to have the position of model on its axis’ and the camera angle be independent on each computer, and have each face or line deletion be shared across all the computers. im not a programmer but i know how hard it can be, having said that i believe it can be done, if it will or will not be done is something else, but i think its a good idea.

This would be really complicated to implement. There are just so many cases that needs to be handled, e.g. when one user deletes or moves a component someone else is editing. Even the technical issues with opening up one computer as a server and have the others connect to it can be quite challenging.

Also I’m not entirely sure for what use case it would help. Why not just work in individual files that are imported as components to a master file? In such a workflow someone could work on a piece of furniture, someone else could move around and delete instances that furniture inside a house and a third person could move around and delete instances of that house on an urban scale, all simultaneously and independent of each others.

Teamwork abilities are available for some expensive high-end BIM applications like Archicad and Revit. They usually require you to configure a separate server to manage the process. It might be beyond the scope of SketchUp.

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project management functionality is already available with Trimble Connect

there are also Extensions that facilitate project management i.e Skalp, x-ref manager and others…

a degree of component management can be done within SU using ‘Reload’ in a ‘master’ file…

The introduction of persistent id’s in v17+ has slowed the load speed of externally modified components as they need to be evaluated on re-import…

@joebob, what is your ‘use case’ as a hobbyist?


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Yes, as @john_drivenupthewall replied, Trimble Connect offers the PM tools you are thinking about. For more info I suggest Trimble Connect videos on YouTube.

Some extensions of note are (in no particular order):

  • SKALP (already mentioned above)
  • Cross Reference Organizer (X-ref and team work possible with this one)
  • Layers Organizer (very useful)

Thanks everyone for the help and info, ill take a look at all of those references.

@john_drivenupthewall i have some models i’ve been making for a project prototype i’m designing, has lots of little nooks and crannies and lots of repetitiveness. i just imagined itd be much better having someone work on the same model but on another section of it that needs to be worked on, while i complete another section.

i do see how this would be difficult sketchup to have as a standard on the next version, but im sure these other programs will do just as good.

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