Multi-select components for a local collection

I’m currently working through a massive imported ACAD file and sorting out the components and moving the ones I want in SU to a local collection. I can’t find a way to multi-select components from ‘In Model’ to be able to drag them in the new local collection folder. Does anyone know of a quick way of managing components in this way? There are hundreds of them, and it’s very tedious doing them individually!

There isn’t an option to select multiple components in the Components panel. You could create a local collection of all the components in the model via the Details menu.
Screenshot - 10_9_2021 , 3_02_56 AM

If you don’t want all of the components in the collection, manage that in File Explorer. There you can also select multiple files to move to other collections or otherwise sort.

Yep, I had actually started out by using the method you pictured, but that also doesn’t allow you to select multiple components into a local collection folder … unless I’m missing something.

I think you are missing something. As I wrote before, you cannot select multiple components in the Components panel. Once you create a local collection of all of the components using Save as a local collection you can manage their organization in File Explorer. I use a freeware app called Q-Dir which has an option to show multiple windows making it easy to select the component .skp files then drag and drop or cut and paste from one folder to another. Here, for example, I have four different folders displayed. In File Explorer (Q-Dir) you can select multiple files and move them en masse if you need to.

That just made me to a little reorganizing of my own components. Thanks!

You may want to look at Connector

Working in a SU directory only allows selecting one file at a time but in File Explorer holding the Control key down while selecting allows you to select more than one file skipping over files you don’t want (Shift selects all). But you probably already knew that.

Were you wanting more than one directory open at a time where you can select files from each directory? Can be done but only files from focused directory can me moved at same time.

Thanks for the tip - I see SU will be integrated soon too.

Many thanks for that. all clear. Glad I inspired you to reorganize :grinning:
Am still in the process myself as there are over 1900 components in the base model!