Much better performance with older AMD CPU

I have used Sketchup free (web version) on 2 PC´s and it is a big difference in the performance. When I used it with Windows 11 on my Intel 8600k CPU (released Q4 2017) with 16gb ddr4 memory it was pretty sluggish when moving the camera around. Now I am using it on another computer that has Windows 10 and an AMD A10-7800 CPU (released Jul 31st, 2014) with 16 gb ddr3 memory and it is not sluggish when moving the camera around. The display resolution is the same (1080p).

What is the reason behind this better performance on Windows 10 and an 3 year older AMD cpu?

Different graphics drivers and the integrated GPU shares resources with the CPU and sometimes it has to wait its turn.

There are things you can and should be doing in your modeling workflow to reduce the “strain” on the GPU and keep performance up. Are you using a lot of components from the 3D Warehouse?

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No, I am a newbie to SketchUp and I don’t even know what the 3D Warehouse is. I just have 4 outer walls, some inner walls and some transcluent windows and doors. And some stairs to the front door.


The 3D Warehouse is a repository of all sorts of components that are available to populate your models with entourage. It sounds like you are modeling a house so you could add furniture and fixtures from the 3D Warehouse. It’s a quick way to add details but it’s easy to overload the model which forces your computer to work harder.

Materials and shadows also put a load on the graphics card/adapter. Leave shadows turned off most of the time and save adding materials until you have your model geometry pretty well complete.

I assume you are using this as a hobbyist and in that case, there’s no point in making things difficult to work with as you are modeling. You might take some time to go through the instructional materials at and keep an eye out for lessons that show how to make your models efficient.

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