Moving to occluded locations

I find quite frequently that I want to move an object to a point that gets occluded by the object itself. That is, I can see the intended destination initially, but as I drag the object, it gets in the way, so that I can no longer select the destination point. Sometimes I can get round this by rotating the view, but not always, and then I end up having to hide other objects.

What I really want to do is leave the object where it is while I drag, and when I select the destination point only then have the object jump there. I could probably write an extension to do this, but before I do, I’m wondering whether I’m either overlooking some existing functionality, or whether there’s an existing extension.

Any thoughts?


It’s not mandatory to model objects in place. In cases such as you describe, it may be easier to develop your object in a location where your view and access remains unobstructed until you complete its development. Then you can easily move the object into its desired location. The process may be aided if you establish a reference line connected to the point where you ultimately wish to place the object. Make sure that the object is made into a component (or group) before moving into place. The reference line can be deleted after it has served its purpose.

Have you thought about switching to X-ray face style? That would let you see the destination point.

That helps somewhat, though with a complicated object it can be a bit confusing.

Draw an edge (known length, round figure) from destination to visible location, in arbitrary direction.
Use the new endpoint of this edge as the target for your object.
Ultimately move the object (constrained to the edge) over its known length towards the original target. Delete the edge.
X-ray certainly helps.

This vide may help you:

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