Moving SketchUp files to a different storage device

Hi everyone,

This was a complex question for Google and the forum search (or so it seems). I couldn’t find an exact answer.

I started self learning SketchUp about 2 months ago. I basically Google tutorials as needed. Since then I have accumulated about 30+ Skp projects, 20-30 custom made Vray textures/materials, and at least 100+ models, all hosted on my average spec HHD (D:).

During some recent research I came across a thread on here about how working with files stored on a SSD can result in slightly faster render times (or just the initial render building sequence).

I have a 500GB SSD hosting my OS, a 1TB SSD for leisure (currently at 20% capacity), and a 3TB slave drive HDD (D:).
When I first installed Sketchup it didn’t cross my mind to store the Sketchup files on my 1TB SSD. So I proceeded to store them on my HDD (D:) drive.

My question is that if I move everything to my SSD (E:) drive, thus changing the file path on all of my Vray materials, will I have to reload each of the 30+ projects, reload every material - each and every diffuse map, bump map, etc. for every project?

Is there an easier/proper way to relocate all the files? Ultimately, is it even worth it? Will I see any other benefits doing this?

I appreciate the feed back in advance, thanks!

For reference: The HDD is a Western Digital 10TB White Label. The SDD is a Crucial MX500 1TB.

You don’t produce any output? They are all still ‘working’ projects?
I would just swap all the SketchUp models to the new location, start new projects there, as well and occasionally reset the assets through the [menu]Extensions->V-Ray->File path editor for occasional rework.
The means to an end being here that V-Ray is just another way of getting final results.