Sketchup Studio Trial

Im trying out the new Sketchup Studio and have a couple questions.

  1. If I directly import a Revit model into it, will it still be there as an skp. file after the 30 day free trial is up. Because when I go to save the dropdown menu doesn’t say skp.file like SU 2023 and others.
  2. How do you find the VRay extension? I’d like to try it out.
  3. Does anyone have any other suggestions about the new Studio to try out that’s different from SU 2023?

Thank you, Billy

Sketchup will save it only as an .skp file, you can choose the version but not to save it as a Revit or any other file format, if you want to do that you must export your model. I don’t use the studio version but check in the downloaded folder if there’s the vray installer, you can also go to chaos group website and download it there, you will have a trial period. I guess that if you decide to acquire the studio version you’ll receive an email with a serial number to activate vray.

Thanks for that Francis. I’ve always used twilight render and now using Twinmotion more and more. Looks like most rendering programs are similar but not tried VRay yet.