Move tool using another edge as reference without drawing guidelines

Would like to relocate an edge of a rectangle relative to another edge of the same rectangle. Thinking there should be some way to use move tool> grab the edge I want to reposition> reference the other edge> type the offset distance I want> then have the rectangle resize.
Any way to do this?
Any solutions other than using the tape measure tool to create guidelines?

If you know the distance to move the edge, select it, grab it with the move tool, move it in the direction you want, let go of the mouse, type the distance in the measurements box, hit enter, done.

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Show an example .skp file in which you want to do this.

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If you know the offset, the scale tool could be used. Just remember to add the units, otherwise, it picks the factor:


In the first rectangle, I only selected the face, cause it needs it’s bounding edges and they would come along anyway.
In the second, I hold Shift to add the opposite edge in the selection to be scaled.
The trick is to pick the right green handle, offcourse.


Thanks guys.
Will need to experiment with some of those options. For now probably easiest to just use the tape measure tool for me.
RLGL- The distance is known from the parallel line I want to offset from (and the overall distance). Would require math to figure out how far I want to move it. In that regard Mike’s process seems to make sense… once I figure out and get completely in my vocabulary.
Dave- Gonna hold off on this one for a while…

Select the edge, get the move tool, start the move, type the distance, hit enter.
Move edge

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This is not helpful, we have to guess what you are asking.

Scale as @MikeWayzovski has shown is the most efficient if you just want to resize to a specific length, but from your description I just don’t know. And if you are going to use a guide you may as well just use an edge.
Move yet another

I suspect what you want to do is shown in the first part of this vid below. Except you don’t want to draw thw construction line.

I don’t think there is a very simple way of doing this because as soon as you move the rectangle, you lose your reference points.

You can do it using Scale x -1 if it is as simple as a rectangle (as in the second method shown). Whether it is faster than using a construction line, I’m not sure. It all depends on your fingers and shortcuts. I have a shortcut to delete all construction lines because I use them a lot and the drawing quickly becomes muddled if I don’t regularly get rid of them.

Move rectangle

So how do I create a screenshot video quickly to post here?

Licecap is the answer. Its FREE! Home page

“Licecap”? That “startup” has a death wish… but I’ll look into it anyway.

Why do you say that? Not debating, just looking for clarification.

Sorry about that.
Meaning some companies choose “bad” names (would vary by opinion of course) and having the term “Lice” in your company name AND something referencing a hat (cap) which references a head, could have people interpreting the company as having “head lice”. Don’t really mean anything by it. I question the choice about my company name daily…
Just an observation potentially around a typo on your part (but I don’t know that yet).
Certainly not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers or really even to second guess someone’s choice of a company name either.

I won’t deny that company chooses odd names (it’s not mine, btw). The company is Cockos inc. and it’s premier product is Reaper. Sounds like some young developers with an odd sense of humor to me. But I have used Licecap for years and find it simple and effective.

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Yeah… Really just thought it was a typo. but went out and it’s actually not.
they can name their products what ever they want to without me passing judgement.
Yesterday’s “rules” (if there ever were any- really) are made to be broken! Hope they make a gazillion bucks with their unconventional names.