Mouse control with 2021

Hi, is anyone else having issues with mouse function on the new 2021? it’s just a standard wireless mouse, but usual shortcuts such as shift/click scroll wheel are being really temperamental.

I haven’t seen anything different in that regard. I’d be looking at the mouse. Maybe needs a new battery. I have had the hole where the sensor is fill up with lint once in awhile and that makes the mouse behave strangely.

Could you update your forum profile? It shows you are using SU2019.

Done, I’m still using 2020 as well until Enscape catches up!

Batteries are fresh as I only changed the other day. I’ve had a look at fluff / dust but still no change. Maybe a new mouse is in order!!

Thank you.

Could be. Can you get a can of that dusting spray? Maybe use it to blow out around the mouse wheel.

I’ve had really good service from my Logitech mouse. It’s at least 6 years old. I’ve driven it until the back feet are gone and its bottom is mostly shiny but it has otherwise been bullet proof.