Mounting PV modules for a rooftop

Hello Everyone,

I just started using SketchUp Make and I need to find a way to put maximum solar modules on rooftops automatically. You can see one of the roofs and unfolded version that PV modules are put as well in the picture below. The problem is that these modules cannot be put in-line so it is needed to be placed as in the picture (rectangular ones are the modules). Is there any way to do it by using any extensions or programming?

Thanks a lot!!!

it’s not that hard to do it by hand, so why programm an extension?
But youcould try Skelion or Skelion PRO…

You should be using SketchUp Pro, though, for this kind of work. Is the trial expired?

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Hello, thanks for fast response. We actually now are doing it manually but it is not convenient to do it by hand when you want to prepare like 100 roofs at the same time. But I will check Skelion for sure, thanks.

Hello, I will probably get Sketchup Pro if I can manage this, I started this trial version to see if I can find a way to do it.
Thanks for the fast reply.

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I was wondering, whether you know if Sketchup Pro has the feature to make the random programming or not for what I am trying to do.

Thank you.

SketchUp Pro has the ability to run extensions. You can also paste snippets of code into the Ruby-console.

I don’t think programmers like ‘randomness’, unless it is specifically layed out, eg. You have to be very specific what parameters may vary etc.

The Dynamic Components (SketchUp Pro’s built-in extension) let’s you create some attributes of your own choise, but has a steep learning curve.

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the input, I am now trying Skelion Pro for planning the solar module arrangement and probably will shift their locations later manually.

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SU Pro provides you the tools to build a Dynamic Component whose functionality would suit your needs.

See this example: