Most Annoying thing about Sketchup



the one thing that annoys me about Sketchup.
I have 2014 PRO version, it keeps telling me that there is a later version, when I go to download it it give me a 30 day trial and expects me to re purchase it. I will stay with what I have



Be aware that you do not have to purchase a brand new licence. Existing license owners can upgrade to the latest version by renewing their M&S. Part of the M&S year long program are all the upgrades.



You can switch off the update notification via:

Window (menu) > Preferences… (dialog) > General (panel) > Software Updates (section)

:arrow_forward: Uncheck the “Automatically check for updates” option.

Now there can be nothing about SketchUp to annoy you. :wink:


Thanks CD, that is most helpful


Now that is just being facious


Yea, but this is a good thing…

… and I did add a “wink”.