Mortising and unfolding cylinder?

Can anyone tell me how I might:

Create an array of tenons around this disk.
Transfer tenon location onto this cylinder.
Unfold the cylinder for laser cutting.
(Tried this on my own with multiple errors.)


I assume you’ll be cutting the tenons in to sheet material and folding the sheet material into a cylinder?

Should draw it flat then.

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You could try this


Looks to me like you haven’t used sketchup segmentation in such a way as to make it work for you rather than against you.
Make sure your cylinder has the same or at least a corresponding number of segments as the number of tenons you want to create. Then array the tenons so they fall in the center of a flat face/segment.
In reality you can create one segment with the tenon laying flat and make a linear array to get your laser pattern.

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Great tip thanks.
The faceting on the circles is still something that makes me avoid SU for this type of work, BUT your tip could change this thanks!