Morphing Tools?

Are there any warehouse tools that will morph an object with a mask? Like for example place a shaping mask larger than and all around the designed object and morph the object as if the masking object were relative to as if a cube were actually around the object? Like if the mask was a ball the object would become more rounded, etc.

The effect you are describing sounds vaguely like something you could achieve with the native intersect function. Or with solid tools, which are not included in make, but there are several solid tool extensions available. Post some screenshots or a .skp file showing what exactly you are trying to do.


You might be looking for the FredoScale plugin, from Fredo6 at SketchUcation.

Not quite what I mean. Looks like you’re just using one shape to carve into the other. I mean say the object is a ball and by default the mask is a cube that fits perfectly around it. Stage two the shape of the cube is altered and the object morphs accordingly. If it is stretched to a rectangle the ball becomes alongated which of course is easy to do by other means. But say stage two of the mask is a quadrahedrion or something complex like the statue of david. I suppose the statue of david might look collapsed since a cube has flat sides and a ball is completely convex. Basically stretching the space in which the object is located locally.

Have a look at

Huh, like a quantum string extension. :laughing: I feel you trying, but I’m still not quite seeing the desired effect. Can you post an image of how it might work? You can certainly morph shapes all sorts of ways with native tools and extensions. Or perhaps if you showed the actual shapes you want to relate?

Maybe Flowify?

Remember in the 90s when face morphing software was cool? Basically 2 objects with corresponding points except in 3D. And every point is moved based on the mask shape and the center of the masking area. Essentially both gain geometry to accommodate the process. And they split the differences.

Seems to be a bit related to the decription of Artisan (proxy mode)?

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Some graphics might help. I thought Rocketman was saying (for example) something like when a cube with a mask of a sphere becomes more rounded based on the sphere. Perhaps there is a progression of shapes one can choose to end with (between the two shapes) as in tools like Truebend? (Never seen such a plugin).

I’m pretty sure he is talking about this sort of “morphing”. That’s related to the topology warping that Artisan and SubD perform, but involves transitioning smoothly between two pre-defined 3D surfaces. If there is a SketchUp extension that does this, I am not familiar with it.

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In Blender

In 3ds Max

In Maya

Or PowerCADD

Yes, except I can’t afford blender. Lol.

Blender is famously free.


A bit of a learning curve?