More Lessons for School Sketch Up

I would like more lesson for my middle school students. I have done most of the ones from the website, but would love more.

I have a few that I consolidated on my recently-created YouTube channel. I’m not going to tell you that they are highly-polished, but kids have enjoyed doing them. Besides, they are free :slight_smile:.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, but retired in 2016 and find I still enjoy doing this, on my own schedule. I have two more tutorials to sort through before I post them. One is modeling the Parthenon and the second is a DC-3 model designed for 3D printing. Both were used with 6-8 students.

This weekend I started a series of screencasts detailing how each of the tools operates in the web-version, SketchUp for Schools. It hope it will be ready for the second semester. When it is, I’ll add it to YouTube.

Eric Westland
St. George, UT

Thank you and I will definitely look into this.

Interesting. I’ve used a very simplified Parthenon for classes with my students as well as once with my local AIA chapter.

I’ve had requests for my lessons, but I haven’t created a platform yet to do that.

(BTW, I’m also a fan of Photomatix)

I got about this far with my middle school students on the Parthenon project. It was great for teaching them the power of grouping and components, along with duplicating common items with the move tool. Most were successful, although I saved files at different stages to offer students if they boogered their project up too much or lost it all together. Gotta keep moving the ball down the field.