Modifying the component "Type"

Has anyone had any luck modifying the drop down menu for “Type” in the components. I would like to use the drop down menu as a way to place components in classes but i am having no luck modifying it. Has anyone done this and how. Thank you!

You need to use dynamic components, and create and load your own schema.

See the DC Resources wiki and the Sectional Outline for help on Classifications …

I understand that, however i have never had to write code in my life. Is there a program which will help format the document for me. I just have a list of options i would like to add to the menu but i dont know where they should all go. Thank you!

Have you taken the time to look at some of the examples? You do not have to write any code, just add a variable and let the user choose specified choises.
That is, if you have pro (your profile is a bit ambigues)
There is yet no software that can read your mind, you would still have to enter your choises.
Could you share an example of what choises/types you would like to have addedd?

I solved my issue. I downloaded a schema modifier and created my own schema. The problem i was running into is that i have about 500 classes that can each represent a different component (it would have really sucked if i had to hand type all of them into every component i have, which is currently approaching four digits). Im using this for construction so a 2x4x8 Spruce Pine Fur can be used as a stud, as a bracing member or even a purlin, so i needed all those 500 classes to be available for every piece of lumber, hardware, ect.
I know this seems like a really round about way to do it, but im actually creating an extensive library of smart components so i can construct buildings in 3d space as they would be constructed in the real world, create floor plans from my model and automatically material list the whole building with a few clicks. That is the goal and im painstakingly getting there!
Thank you for the input!

Also take a look at the ifc manager:

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