Modifying one 3d component of many copied ones

I want to copy and past plenty of metal decks and I may need to modify a few. But whenever I modify one component, all the other ones (the metal decks not modified) automatically get modified. How do I only modify or edit one component. Same thing happens when I resize one door that i borrowed from the 3D warehouse. Help.

And if you want to make a few at a time different from those you already have, but the same as each other, select all the ones you want to be different, THEN Make Unique, and modify any one of the newly unique ones as you need. As they are now all copies of the same differentiated component, all will be modified together, as for any component.

A little skill builder in Groups vs Components would likely be helpful, as well. Here’s a recent one Aaron D made: SketchUp Skill Builder: Groups vs Components - YouTube

Understanding Components is crucial to understanding SketchUp, so it’s worth a little investigation.

Also, the book SketchUp For Dummies has an amazing chapter on Components, and you really will fall in love with Components after reading it.

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