Modern Villa Render With Enscape by Lukas Lipka

Modern Villa By Lukas Lipka

The villa has two floors with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms as well as a big garden surrounded by beautiful nature. Once you walk in, you are greeted with a foyer entrance with a beautiful view of the garden and the outdoor space. On your right side, you can see guest bedrooms, home office, and a bathroom. On your left side, there is a garage, stairs, as well as a big living area with high ceilings. The living area contains a big living room, formal dining room, big modern kitchen, and informal dining room which is located in a corner. There is also a small wine room located behind the living room. From the living area as well as from the guest bedrooms and home office, you can easily enter a terrace with a big swimming pool.

The second floor is all about private space. There are 3 bedrooms and one big bathroom. From the bedrooms as well as from the bathroom, there is an entrance to terraces, which are a great place for a morning coffee or just for relaxing. From the second floor, there is a great view into the garden.

The villa is ideal for a family with children. Children can play in the garden or swim in the swimming pool while parents are relaxing in the living room or on the terrace. The villa is also ideal for parties and for meeting with family and friends because of its size. Guests can sleep in one of two guest rooms as well as in the living room if necessary.

Lukas Lipka