Modelling a canopy from points


What is the best way to modell a boatcover/canopy? I use photogrammetry to get a “Point-cloud” contour of the boat. Then i have to model the canopy between the points. (see pictures).
After modelling i have to flatten the canopy to 2D for cutting.

Is there any extension for this?


Are the points only along the edges of the canopy or do you have points on the surface of it? There are some different extensions that can triangulate point clouds to create surfaces but if you have only points on the perimeter, you’ll probably need a different approach.

The points are only on the edge of the canopy. I forgot to mention that I am also going to add a bow/tube.

I would “connect the dots” with edges and then use Fredo’s Curviloft extension.

Like Anssi, I would also connect the points and use Curviloft to create the surfaces. I would also add edges to define the fore and aft centerline as well as the corners to guide Curviloft into creating the desired surfaces.

Due to the inevitable triangulation, flattening may present a bit of a challenge but you could try Unwrap and Flatten Faces from the Extension Warehouse for that. Or maybe Flattery from Sketchucation.

Thanks for the answers! Will give it a try :slight_smile: