Modeling buildings from historic images and inserting into google earth

Has anyone attempted doing this. So someone could virtually walk around their city in say 1906? I have a need to do this in a U.S. History course. Wondering how to begin and attempt it. I own over 700 photos of our downtown from 1877-1950’s.

It is possible to do this conceptually although it is going to require a bit of effort to model an entire town particularly when you need to go back in time to recreate elements that may not currently exist. I recommend viewing the video files at the following urls as a good place to start:

You will need to scan, import and interpolate your historic photos into any current geographic data as no doubt you may be aware already. The process becomes more complex if you need to include terrain, however, Google Earth can provide invaluable topographic information to facilitate this as well.

Good luck and Happy SketchUpping!