Modeling a conveyor belt with troughing idlers

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I’m looking for suggestions on how to model a conveyor belt on troughing idlers. The belt will be slightly curved as it rides on the troughing idlers. It will begin to flatten out as it approaches the head pulley, and will be completely flat on the return side of the conveyor. I’m guessing this is basically organic modeling and my best bet would be to use an extension like curviloft? Not much experience in this area yet so just trying to gather ideas. Here is a picture of the sort of conveyor I’m modelingmaterial-belt


Probably not exactly the right profile–if you know the positions of the rollers you can do better than my eyeballing.

I drew a wide U shape representing where the belt run over the last angled rollers and then a straight line for the top of the larger end roller. Some shallow curves on the side were added. Then I used Fredo6’s Curviloft to make the skin. The rest of the belt is academic and to give it all thickness, Fredo6 to the rescue again with Joint Push/Pull

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Thanks for your help Dave - I appreciate the advice!