Model renders Yellow in Vray and Visualizer


I have had this problem before but never found an answer to it. I rendered the model in Vray, and there were strange shadows everywhere (I think I accidentally put a bunch of lights in the model because I don’t know what I’m doing). When I test rendered it, the model came out entirely yellow. This is my first time this has happened with vray but the same thing happened when I render in Visualizer. What is messing the model up? Last time Visualizer rendered a yellow model but this time it is blue. It must be a sketchup problem if it’s throwing both off. Please help, I am desperate to finish this model!

Without seeing what is going on we can only guess.
How about attaching the model or at the very least some screen shots.
Make sure your face orientation is correct, all front faces showing.

That was the vray render. Here is what visualizer is doing:

You have most of the faces in your model reversed. Many renderers don’t render back faces correctly You should correct the face orientation in the entire model.