Model Info not reflecting template settings



Seems like a bug in SketchUp for Web (guess also in Shop):
If you create a new model from a metric template like “Simple Template - Millimeters”, the length units in the model info panel are not changed.
They stay at their previous values (typically inches). Lengths are correctly displayed in metric units in the entity info panel and with the protractor and dimension tools though.
Shouldn’t model info be updated when unit + precision settings change due to a chosen template?


Edit: Just checked again - the same thing happens if you load a model from Trimble connect which was saved with different unit / precision settings than the currently used ones. Model info doesn’t update after loading and displays wrong (i.e. outdated) settings.


Confirm. I can repeat and this is undesirable.
Chrome version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

What the user expects is for the “Format” to change to “0.0mm” and the “Precision:” buttons to all change to the decimal choices.

Closing and reopening the Model Info panel does not refresh it.

On the upside, … it does not affect operation. The user can manually correct the setting by choosing the metric format and then the precision buttons change and they can choose whatever precision they prefer.


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