Model Info does NOT show units to change from mm to inches

I’m trying to change units on a sketchup file that shows mm (to inches). I went to Window and then Model Info. Units is NOT visible as an option to change the units. Please help!


What version are you using? The answer will depend. You state in your profile the you are on version 22 but you also list your license as Free Plan? There is no Free SketchUp 22. Are you using a desktop version or using a SketchUp Free in a web browser? Show us a screenshot of the Model Info window, you say the units menu item is not there?

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Thank you for your reply. Attached are screen pictures from my Apple MacBook Air. The pictures show the Sketchup version and the Model Info where Units doesn’t show. I hope it helps.

There are no screenshots attached. Please fix your forum profile, too.

Either your upload failed for the screenshots, or you have not been a member of the forum long enough to be able to upload. That ability is unlocked very quickly, try again.

Under model info, units should be on the left hand side list at the bottom if you are using the desktop version.

What’s wrong with my forum profile?

It says you are using “Free Plan” of 2022. Unless you are using a cracked version, there is no free version of 2022. Your pictures of the screen show you are not using the free web version. Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp?

There’s clearly something wrong with the installation of SketchUp on your computer. Did you actually install it?

What does that mean? I downloaded Sketch Up from the site. What exactly was I supposed to download to open my .skp files?

Did you install SketchUp, though?

Did you purchase a subscription to SketchUp?

No. I did not purchase a subscription. I didn’t know I had to. There was no price for a subscription. My .skp file opened. I can view it. I just wanted to change the units from mm to inches.

The problem is you’re using SketchUp Viewer, not SketchUp the modeling software.

You would have to download SketchUp pro to open and edit a model. Or use the actual free version of sketchup which is browser based.

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You could use the SketchUp trial for 7 days but then, if you don’t purchase a subscription it’ll stop working. There is no free version of SketchUp 2022. What site did you get it from?

Again, there’s something wrong with the installation of SketchUp or you didn’t actually install it. The Model Info window should look like the one in @endlessfix’s screenshot.

Her screenshot shows she’s downloaded Viewer.

Monospaced identified your problem. You didn’t actually download SketchUp 2022. The Viewer doesn’t allow changes to the moddel including changes to the units.

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So didn’t actually install SketchUp 2022 as I wrote.