Model Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water Live in SketchUp!

Modeling FLW’s famous house live in SketchUp! Come hang out with us!!


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Hi Aaron,
Thank you! Looks interesting. Does the time zone adapt to your country automatically?

You can mouse over to see the active one

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Did a bit of my own research on Wednesday:

I made a 6000 pixel version of the image.

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OMG! I was just googling for the building and found you can get it in LEGO form!!

Trying to upload an image of it.

And, just for you Aaron, I have found the Lego Instruction/Build manual4654772.pdf|attachment (9.0 MB) - or anyone else, of course!

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Completely off-topic. But for those who wanted to see that project I had been working on you can follow the link to the .pdf below. Let me know your thoughts

direct link:

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Mill Run.skp (2.2 MB)


Bottom stairs

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