Model for 3d Printing

Hi There,

Assitance with Model for 3d Printing, I have created these models and I want to 3d print them, I will appreciate if someone can check these models and see if they can be 3d printed, And If I have done something wrong please advise on how to fix them.

Thanks in advance

Connect It 3d Print.skp (144.9 KB) Connect It 3d Print.skp (144.9 KB)

You could check them yourself using Solid Inspector 2 from the Extension Warehouse. As it is, none of the three would successfully print.

I fixed them. Compare them to yours. FWIW the one with all the red in the last screen shot needs a bit of manual work before you run Solid Inspector. Open it for editing, select all of its geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then click outside to close the group edit mode and run Solid Inspector 2.
Connect It 3d Print.skp (152.9 KB)


Thanks, Bro appreciate the tips, I aver compared and follow the instructions and work like a charm … good job …