Missing files/models folder for Sketchup for Web

Two months ago I created four complete medieval buildings on Sketchup for Web. 9/18/20 was the last time I signed in to finish off & polish those files. Today, 10/24/20, I sign in to find that, not only are the four models completely gone, but so is my folder I’d saved them in. Anyone else ever run into this problem?

A common reason for this sort of thing has been using different e-mail addresses to sign in. Make sure you are using the same one you did then.

As Dave say, you may be signing in with a different email address. The one I would try is your hotmail address.

Colin, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I thought of that, too, but when I tried my only other email address it didn’t work at all.

Thanks for replying, DaveR. I do have two email addresses, but only one worked with Sketchup online, and it was the only one my browser had a saved password for.

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