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I have an issue mirroring a dynamic component. I have attached a model containing (2) dynamic components. Each has a “Direction” parameter that should flip the component. The more complex component works fine, but the dumbed down one does not. Can someone please tell me what I’m missing here? Thanks in advance.Flip.skp (302.6 KB)


I have taken a look and it does seem very odd. I changed the values and it did respond to that. But it makes no difference whether the number is positive or negative, yet it works fine on the fully detailed DC.


Does this go any way to explaining it?



make the raw geometry a group and pass the size attribute through
Flip (1).skp (294.5 KB)


Thank you! So, the reason the more complex DC worked is the fact that the sub-components are either a group or a component. Is that right?


The logic behind DCs is not intuitive, there is only the basic documentation in the help files, so most of the “work arounds” are collected from experience, “hit and miss” experiment.

For example, the rotation attributes / formula are overridden in the first parent (cover) on import, so in order to protect the required outcome one “wraps” the DC in another, or place the data / formula in the child. This is the same when you want to swap components and retain the current sizes. So this wrapping is a solution to many of the DC problems.
Another example of this method allows copying of cutters, by placing a cutter within a cutter.

Though I have my own methods, they are not the only solution. There seems to other “truths out there”


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