Mirror creates unique component (I don't want this!)

I recently started having a problem where components that are mirrored are becoming ‘unique’, and I really don’t want this.

Some simple components will still retain their linkage after being mirrored, but these desk components are killing me. Is there some issue with nested components?

Here’s a video showing the problem.

Mac Mini, Sketchup Pro 2022

If I use the “flip” command the components retain their linkage, but if I mirror (Scale “-1”) the linkage is broken and it becomes Unique

Are the ones that become unique Dynamic Components?

You know, I think I just had this happen to me and I didn’t notice exactly when they became unique. Cabinet with side panel components where right side was -1.00 mirror of the left (original) side. All the other parts are groups. I suspect when the whole cabinet component was made unique, that’s when the nested sides became unique. There are times when you want that, and I have plugins that can do that, but don’t think they function automatically. Not the results I expected with simple, native tools.

Good question. The office chair might be.
I’ll explode everything and test it.

Update: I exploded everything in the nested component, then made a new component.

After that the problem went away, and the component linkage was retained even after mirroring.

So… I’m guessing there’s some sort of issue with one of the nested components (chair, keyboard etc)

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Hey @lanefab … I remembered seeing this topic before we released SketchUp 2023 and wanted to check back in. I wonder if you can reproduce this odd behavior in v2023 – and/or – use the new Flip Tool and see what happens. Ideally, those nested Components should still retain their ‘Component-linkage’ to the original instances… let us know if this is still a problem you’re seeing.

Thanks for checking in.

Using “Flip Along…” does seem to retain the component edit-ability.

As far as I can tell I think it was an issue with one of the nested components, as all of the other new components I made and tested worked ok.