I can't make a component unique from its copy



I’m trying to make a component unique from its copy so I can flip it 180 degrees without its copy doing the same thing, so they face each other. But Make Unique is grayed out. What to do?
My .skp file is too large to upload :frowning:


It will be gray if there is only one instance of the component in the model.

Are you sure you have more than 1 in the model?

Also… you can also mirror the component instance so there may not be a reason to make on unique



You should also remember that you can deform containers without issue… you can make a copy of the component and use scale, rotate, move without worrying about the geometry inside the component.

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It isn’t unusual for people to make a component, open it for editing and copy the geometry within it.

Also, you don’t need to make a component copy unique to flip it to create the mirrored copy.


Well, this time it worked. I was able to make the second instance unique and flip it 180 degrees. Before whatever I did to one instance effected the other. Maybe I am misdiagnosing the problem?


Making the flipped copy unique defeats the benefit of having it a copy of the original component.


But then how do I keep the relationship when something is flipped over? I see the animation here, but it didn’t work for me (wish I could upload my .skp file but it is over 3mb).


If you want to keep the relationship, don’t use Make Unique. Just copy the component and flip the copy (Flip Along or Scale and -1) without opening the copy for editing. Make unique breaks the relationship between the two.


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Anything you can do to a component without opening it will not affect the other instances of the same component. All forms of rotation including flipping fall into that category. However if you open the component and flip it while open it will effect the other instances.