Metric units in SU

In Europe we really only use the metric system for drawings and so that is what my templates are set to.

In architecture, we tend to work in millimetres. But when we refer to areas or volumes, it is more common to use metres.

The slight problem in SU is that when you work in mm, Entity Info is also either in or and then it can be difficult to read so many digits. My plea is either to be able to switch Entity Info to sq.m. and cu.m. or, more simply, to introduce commas to distinguish the thousands.

Or have I overlooked an inbuilt way to do this already??

you can toggle the units via the model info, units, the format drop down, choose m, then one has to re-select the volume for the change. then change back to mm to continue with the drawing.
But I agree it would be better if there was an option to have mm or cm in the drawing context and sq m for the area or cubic m for volume

@pcmoor Yes, as you say you can do it that way but it would be better if there were a quicker way. Actually, just having a shortcut that would allow you to do the toggling quickly would do. Just need someone who knows how to write script!

Like a preset in which format you would like linear dimensions / area / volume. :thumbsup:

This is not currently in SU, AFAIK. Wouldn’t mind seeing it though…

Yes, me too. I meant to hit Like but it was the Solved tick instead. It would solve it…if it were introduced.

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+1 for more unit configuration options. Also, metric units in Dynamic Components ought to be fixed to work with the “Show units format” option switched off. When dimensioning to a standard using millimeters or centimeters, the unit is never displayed, only the dimension figure.

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