Metric Area Measurement


I’ve seen a lot of questions & answers on how to use metric system in SketchUp Free (web), but never saw any post specifically for metric area measurement. I managed to get 1-dimensional measurements in metric, but never managed to get area measurements in metric. Any ideas?


If you start with a metric template, the area will be displayed in the metric units.


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Maybe Matts new video can help here too

Does he cover SketchUp Free?

good point, didn’t noticed the category…

how to use the metric system in SketchUp Free (web). Area? m²

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Thanks. That’s what I wanted.
Problem is always create new model

Why is creating a new model a problem?

How to make standard meters possible?
If not boring.

taking advantage of being online has how to configure hotkeys?

I don’t understand what you are asking. Before you start a new model, choose the desired template as I showed in my screenshots.

You can’t custom configure hotkeys for the online version.

Thank you very much.

Managed to solve all my doubts

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