Method with variables

I define metod:

def dodaj_fronty(instancja,typ_szafki,korpus_szer,korpus_wys,korpus_gleb=56,program,front_gierunek,front_wys,front_szer,front_kolor,przest_ile=0,agd_wys=60,czy_panel="No",kierunek="Left")

And receive an error:

Error: #<SyntaxError: : syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘)’
… ^>
SketchUp:1:in `eval’

Do you have any idea, why?

You may need to put all the optional parameters at the end of the list.

For methods with many parameters , using an options Hash may be better.

Yes, for SketchUp 2013 and earlier using old version of Ruby 1.8.x.

This was changed before Ruby 2.x (sometime) and now the default values can appear anywhere in the argument list.