Merging with existing geometry on a hidden layer

Hi all,

I am working on a landscape drawing. I have a few different scenes set up:

  • Existing: a scene for the property as it is before any work is done - I have drawn the existing driveway and the existing walkway.
    -Base Plan: a scene where the existing driveway and existing walkway are each in their own layer and are turned off
    -Concept Plan: a scene where I am trying to draw a new driveway, part of which will overlap the existing driveway.

Here is my problem: When I try to draw the new driveway in my concept plan, I get a message saying that my recent operation has caused visible geometry to merge with existing geometry on a hidden layer.

What has caused this to happen and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Layers don’t separate geometry. The only way to prevent the merging is to group geometry. So make a group of the ground and then when you draw the driveway, it won’t merge with it.

Also, based on your description, it sounds as if you are not using layers correctly. Take some time to read the Help files on using Layers. Leave Layer 0 active at all times and only assign groups and components to other layers. Make sure all edges and faces remain on Layer 0.

So, I’ve been creating all new geometry on Layer 0.

The drawing that I am working on is part of a Sketch Up course. We were instructed to start our drawing in wireframe - so the “Existing” Scene is in wireframe. When I created the Base Plan scene, I changed it to face style> shaded. My understanding is that you cannot make a group while in wireframe.

Well, you can make a group but it’s easy to miss selecting faces that should be included in the group if you only have edges displayed.

Thanks for the suggestions and for the link to the article!

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