Merge multiple layers

First of all apologies if this has been discussed or my post lands in the wrong spot but im interested to know if there is a plugin that can perform multiple layer merges.

I currently use eneroths merge layers however i was wondering if there was a way to automate my merges via a different process or even a ruby script. ie I model timber framing daily, and in order to get accurate takeoffs we merge at first floor completion, around 4 layers to correct layers and then another 5-8 or so merges once ground floor is complete. it is minor but if error is made its tedious to fix and would save time daily

My hope is to be able to have a script or something along the lines that i could click once when first floor is complete then another when i complete ground floor. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Regards Sean

You just simply select tags (layers) you want to merge then select to delete them.
Before delete, SketchUp 'll ask you assign objects to another tag or delete objects.
You may choose tag you want to merge and that 's it.

Screenshot below is an example show that I will megre all “7_…” tags to “4_floor” tag

thanks for the suggestion. I’m aware of this however i need to merge them to individual layers

“Merge” would imply you are combining tags into a single tag. There are no layers in your SketchUp Pro Subscription. Can you explain a bit more why the Delete Tags route does not work for you?

Yes youre right… should of said tags.

The route of delete tags does work however i use a merging plugin that works very much the same.
For each tag i need to select current tag then select new tag etc. The tags i merge are always the same and i thought this may be able to be programmed almost like a macro or script of some sort.

Just seeing what other peoples take on it was, or if someone had a better way :grinning:

Why not use scenes to remember the Tags/layers states?
Then, use another property (status in advanced attributes) to indicate it’s done/finished.
Select all and use selection only in generate report.

One would not have to merge tags for this.

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I gather from this that the OP is using a Cutlist type extension to generate paperwork for the build, which requires all entitles to be assigned a single tag, selecting all by scene could work for this too. Selecting multiple tags in the tags window and “deleting” to place them all on the new desired tag at once still feels like a good method as well, or…

An alternative is to use tag folders for the tags you want to merge. In this workflow you would have all your tags organized under a single folder for each set that merges, this could be part of your default template. When you are ready to merge, right click on the tag folder and choose “Select all Tagged” this will select everything on every tag contained in that folder. You could generate report by selection from there as suggested or, leaving everything selected go to entity info and use the tag menu there to select a new tag for everything to be reassigned.


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Thanks for your response however its not quite right for me. Eneroths merge layers is already quicker and more effective at this.

Youre right in assuming its for a cultist. It reads each layer and has certain functions for each layer (tag). When drawing my model through the plugin it assigns certain groups or entities to corresponding tag however i need to add custom components and then merge to a layer that i have assigned ‘recipes’ through the counting extension.

Ive had a decent look and cant find anything to automate this however i believe it can be done via ruby except i am totally new to ruby and is beyond me :flushed:

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that’s exactly the point where @thomthom, @eneroth3 and others started one day, go for it!


It may not be pretty but as my first extension, very happy with how it works :grinning:

With advice and snippet from @eneroth3 , adds my personalization to her amazing script

Your words pushed me to get it done and now my brain is going a hundred mile an hour wanting to learn more , Thanks

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Is it available for public consumption?

Not at the moment. I hadnt thought about doing that as its very specific to my workflow so others wouldnt find it useful, although the .rb could be modified to suit the user

If you interested i could send you the.rbz


That would be great




Many of my extensions were like that. You’d be surprised what might be generally useful to others.
Put it up on Extension Warehouse :slight_smile: