Medeek's Custom Chess Pieces


Continuing the discussion from Out of the Box:

That should be fun. I had a play.


Nice. I wonder how much it would cost me to 3D print it (at about 2 1/2" to 3" in height). Does anyone have any recommendations?


How big do you want it to be?


Actually I should probably pull out my son’s standard chess set and compare it to the height of the bishop, it should probably be about that same height.


I can print at my local library for less than $10.

I smell a business opportunity - custom chess pieces with a family crest or similar(I didn’t think too long about this though)?


i.Materialise will print in titanium for $209.60. That’s for a 2" tall piece. I didn’t make the base hollow, though. I’m sure you could knock 10 or 15 dollars off it if it was hollow. :smiley:


The chess set is plastic (black and natural):

It would be cool if I can print it in plastic as close to the other pieces as possible.


So I hear you saying no platinum. :smiley:

I expect you could get them printed in those colors. Black, anyway. I had a 3D print done by i.Materialise some years ago now. It came back printed in color. In fact it had a wood grain material applied to it in SketchUp and that came through in the print.