Medeek Wall

I wouldn’t exactly call this a schedule as much as a CSV or spread sheet with all of the shearwall data contained within it. Regardless here is a first look at the Shearwall Schedule tool (preview menu):

Note that the preview (or HTML menu) only shows limited information. The CSV output is much more comprehensive, listing all of the parameters for the shearwall (ie. holdowns, anchor bolts, clips, blocking etc…)

I still have not ironed out all of the details I want to show or present within this schedule tool so additional feedback will be key as to how this evolves. I will probably dig into my original shearwall calculator and figure out how to best incorporate some engineering into this tool. I think it would be useful for the tool to calculate the shear capacity of the SW given its dimensions, sheathing and nail patterns. I also think additional parameter(s) for the actual applied shear load (wind and seismic) might be useful as well, I will need to give this some more thought.

Note that the tool is smart enough to detect if there are windows or doors within the bounds of a shearwall panel and correctly labels it with a “PERF” designation, which signifies it is a perforated shearwall.

An example of the CVS output loaded into Excel:

Notice that have switched the order of some of the parameters to a more logical order.


Version 1.7.8 - 01.03.2021

  • Added the Shearwall Schedule tool to the SW toolbar.

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First look at shearwall blocking:

Note that in this example the blocking has been rotated 90 degrees. The rotation parameter allow for zero or 90 deg. rotation. Also note that any number of rows of blocks can be specified. In this case I had a 12’ wall so I went with blocking at 4’ and 8’ (48,96).

Each shearwall panel can have its own blocking which is independent from other shearwalls and is also independent of any general wall blocking.


Version 1.7.9 - 01.05.2021

  • Enabled blocking within the shearwall module.

The blocking module algorithm for shearwalls was a bit more of hassle than I had hoped but after about 16 hours of scratching my head I managed to cobble it together. I’m fairly happy and confident with the results but I am sure there will be a few cases where it may need further refinement. The true debugging process really only starts now as I hand it over to the customer to use in real design situations.

I’ve beaten the Shearwall “horse” for about a week now (Dec. 27th - Jan. 5th), I do have more engineering work that can be done but I think I will probably give it a rest for a while and move on to other hot items within the Truss plugin.

If you have additional items that you would like to see added to this module please feel free to send me an email. I am much more likely to address follow up items when the programming is still fresh on my mind. A month from now it will take more effort to dig back into the shearwall module and add or improve existing features.

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Version 1.7.9b - 01.05.2021

  • Added the following Simpson Strong-Tie holdowns to the shearwall module: HTT4, HTT5, HDQ8.

Added per customer request.


Version 1.7.9c - 01.09.2021

  • Added the following Simpson Strong-Tie holdowns to the shearwall module: HHDQ11, HHDQ14.

Another customer request.

I just noticed that the APA came out with a new FTAO technical note and spreadsheet calculator. It’s fairly in depth and I will have to spend some time perusing the details of both. On that note I’m wondering if it might be useful to add an option for this type of shearwall panel (FTAO) to the shearwall module:

Essentially it would mean additional/specific blocking to the sides of each window and CS16 strapping. Thoughts?


Licensing question: I’m moving to a new machine. Do I need to remove the license from the old machine to install on a new one? As I’ve gone up from one version of SU to another on my current machine, I haven’t been paying close attention to actually removing it from old versions.


You can install it on as many machines as you like and in as many SU installations on each machine (ie. SU 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

The only thing is that the license checks to see how many concurrent sessions are currently running. The standard license allows for up to three concurrent sessions (ie. three installations or machines) running the plugin(s).

I used to track installations but I found that too limiting for some people.

I do have some licenses for educational institutions that will allow for up to 50 concurrent sessions however there are only a few of those.


Version 1.8.0 - 01.16.2021

  • Added a “Remove Cladding Lines” option within the global settings.

This feature might come in handy where you have split walls or multi-story structures and you want the cladding to blend between separate adjacent wall panels.

You can do this manually by hiding the wall (cladding) edges however this is time consuming and additionally the cladding lines will revert to their previous state if you were to regen the wall.

I’ve been meaning to add the sliding glass door type for a while but it always seems to get pushed back due to some other priority. So tonight I hammered out the final details and I will work on adding it as an additional door type.

I am using Andersen’s 100 series (no flange) sliding glass door as the template. This should provide a fairly universal option for a sliding glass door. More exotic options can always be inserted by the user.

Initially I will disable sidelites and transoms for this door type however I will probably add those options in at a later date as they are requested.

My quick and dirty diagram outlining the dimensions for this door type:


First look at a sliding glass door:

Note that sliding glass doors are quite a bit different from regular swing doors, obviously they slide when opened (not rotate). However, there are also other parameters in the draw and edit menu that are not applicable.

The SLD can be specified as a left or right hand door.

I have not yet enabled sidelites or transoms for this door type. Additionally, only rectangular door geometry is allowed for this door type.


Version 1.8.1 - 01.18.2021

  • Added sliding glass doors to the door module.

This item has been on the todo list for far too long. I’m excited to finally get it out the door, no pun intended.

View model here:

Version 1.8.1b - 01.19.2021

  • Added an “Animation” parameter to the General tab of the Global Settings.
  • Enabled “animated” opening and closing of sliding glass doors.


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Version 1.8.1c - 01.20.2021

  • Enabled “animated” opening and closing of single and double man doors.
  • Enabled “animated” opening and closing of garage doors.

P.S. This small bit of coding really is a non-critical element, a little “gold plating” as my former business partner used to say. The idea really came from my youngest son, who suggested to me that, “Making the sliding glass door actually slide rather than just jump from point A to B would be much more COOLER.”


Tutorial 18 - Gable Walls (18:05 min.)

Updated (public) todo list (as of Jan. 21, 2020):

1.) Making the Window, Door and Garage Door modules work with generic walls, not just Medeek walls.
2.) Shear Wall module which will ultimately integrate with the engineering plugin.
3.) Presets for Garage Doors
4.) Move the Estimating module to the new Medeek Project extension, and further develop this module as it relates to the wall plugin.
5.) Start work on the integrated Medeek Engineering extension, start with window and door headers for vertical loads. (in progress)
6.) Additional door and window types as requested (eg. bi-fold closet doors, sliding glass doors, pocket doors, double and triple single hung windows).
7.) Spend some time on the new tabs in the global settings, currently showing an Under Construction sign.
8.) Stair module permutations: U, L, T etc…
9.) Further “idiot” proofing of the plugins: (zero value, nil values, checking for impossible geometry, etc…)
10.) Wall Justification
11.) Interior trim added to Medeek Interior extension.
12.) Resume development of the Medeek Floor extension. (in progress)
13.) Complex Roof rafter algorithm (in progress)

The items marked in italics have been completed.

More door and window types still need to be added, this one seems never ending.

I did begin work on item #1, however there are some difficulties that I ran into which have placed this item on hold for now.

There are a number of other small issues or features that are not included in this list that need further attention, most of which I would call mid-hanging fruit.

The initial Medeek Engineering extension is functional as far as applying, modifying and deleting loads and supports, however the most important part (matrix analysis) is still in development.

The complex roof rafter algorithm is mostly there but there are still enough special cases that quite a bit of logic is still needed to make it reliable and stable.

P.S. Since the last todo list was posted I’ve made approximately 30 major updates to the Wall plugin and 11 major updates to the Electrical plugin (since July 2020 until now). The biggest update of course was in the month of July when the gable walls were added. I am hoping this new year brings better fortunes for our nation and the world and somehow we are able to beat back this virus. Hopefully by the time the next Basecamp rolls around I will have the engineering up and running and the complex roofs, I would also like to get the first BETA release of the floor plugin out by March if possible.

My roadmap is pretty aggressive and due to the pandemic I am still the only one actually coding these plugins, my plans to bring on additional help were scrapped about 10 months ago. That being the case, the development will probably not proceed as quickly as I would like but at the same time I am still working at these plugins full time so my intent is to push ahead with all of the energy that I can muster.


One item that really should be added to this todo list is another option for an additional layer (ie. foam, batting, gypsum etc…) between the sheathing and cladding for exterior walls. I have fielded multiple requests for this sort of thing for a few months now so it is right at the top of the list for the Wall plugin.