Measuring slopes?

Do you know if there is some practical way or plugin to measure the slope of flat block relative to the xy plane? I would like to know the gradient in the direction of the x xis and the gradient in the direction of the y axis separately. Further is there some neat way to add a label (for the slope) and/or vector arrow with Ruby to each block?

Maybe try nz_Gradients and Driveways from the EW. Seems like it’s designed to do what you are after.


@DaveR, how would you rotate at given object, which is not aligned with any axes, say, + degrees along the zy plane? The only way I’ve found is to create a plane which has one point touching the rotation point and aligning the rotating tool with that plane. Not very elegant way of doing it.

Like this:

I would start by locking the Rotate tool to one axis. then click to set the center of rotation, click on a point that needs to be on axis with the center of rotation and then rotate until I get the on axis indication. Then repeat for the other direction.

In case it’s not already known, @DaveR is locking the rotation axis using the arrow keys.

I did in that case but the orientation could also be lock with the Shift key.

Thanks! I think the reason why I did not figure it, was that once first has to select the rotate tool and click once with the left mouse button before the shift rotation plane (with the shift keys, that is) becomes active.

Actually, no you don’t . You only need to hover over a properly oriented face or move the camera so the tool naturally wants to assume the axis before you press and hold Shift. In fact you shouldn’t click the first time until you are ready to set the rotation of axis.

You could also try the SketchUcation Plugin Store for Slope Marker, written by Steve Baumgartner (@slbaumgartner) and me.

Access to the store requires only free registration, and the plugin itself is also free.