Measuring furniture

Hello! How do you measure furniture on SU?
For context, I am putting together a room and I have scaled the furniture so it all fits. I now need to accurately measure it so I can work out what sizes to order.
The tape measure tool doesn’t seem to ‘snap’ to the blue box in which the furniture sits, unless I am doing something wrong?

Use the tape measure to measure from endpoint to endpoint. Another alternative would be to use the dimension tool, so the lengths are permanently displayed. Do you have a screenshot of the geometry that didn’t work for you?

Of course you should familiar with native tools of SketchUp first. Then to speedup your work, there is a free plugin called “Curic Align” help you easy align or set up distance from bounding box of furniture to a surface of others (fitout) like 1:20 in this tutorial video, and many other useful features

How to Use Curic Align Plugin For SketchUp - YouTube

Maybe it helps you Add Quantities

Sorry for slow reply! Yes, for example measuring this chair. Im finding that the tape measure won’t snap to bounding box, so you can only measure the actual chair but to get a measurement of its longest points is so hard! I can see how I will need this all the time - for example putting a chair/sofa into a design, scaling it so it fits, and then measuring it so I know what size to order in real life…

You could use ThomThoms Draw Bounding Box extension to place guidepoints at the corners of the bounding box.

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