Measuring areas with tape measuring tool

Is it possible to measure the size of an area (m²) with the TMT? I know you can see the area of an surface in the entity info, but I want to measure between discrete (not connected points) without having to draw a lot of rectangles that I don’t need for my drawing.

The Tape Measure tool won’t report area. Only length. The Text tool will display area of faces if you set the leader on them.

Thank you for the swift response.
I know you can find the surface of entities, But I want to know the surfacearea between a set of discreet points, not even arranged in a square, but in a random shape. Any set of points in a plane.

The Tape Measure tool still won’t do that. How about showing a screen shot of the sort of thing you’re trying to do? Maybe there’s an extension.

Forget the ‘Tape Measure’ tool.
The ‘Text’ tool needs a flat face to show the area.
Start drawing the desired shape within a new group context. Once you draw the final edge the shape closes with a face. Now apply the ‘Text’ tool. Just a few clicks more than what it would need with some “Measure” tool on a series of points.
You can even assign a new layer to that irragular flat shape for use later and make the layer invisible.

I want to measue the area bounded py the points ABCDEFG.

As I said: just draw the shape in a separate group context and apply the ‘Text’ tool to the face.

There might be a plugin that does this with subsequent clicked vertices but this seems straight forward to me with native tools.


Why not draw a temporary face with line tool and measure that? Even if Tape Measure Tool, or some plugin, would let you measure area between the clicked points you’d need to click the same number of points.

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Its all so messy and time consuming ; drawing and deleting things you don’t need, or putting them on seperate layers.

I am used to Autocad and there the possibilities are endless, but now want to try SU.

I already found a couple of plugins that seem to be doing just what I need. Just have to experiment a little more to set them up.

Thank you for everybodies swift respons and suggestions.

Sounds great, how many steps would you need with Autocad for getting the area?
Does Autocad ‘knows’ what you are after? Or is the notoriety with that software leading for this statement? Many SketchUp users would say the same about SketchUp…
It might be dependent of what you are used to?

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