Maxwell free edition - 'the scene has errors'?

Hey guys, i created something using sketchup and rendered it using maxwell materials but when i open maxwell fire to render it it says ‘‘the scene has errors’’ and it tells me the following -

‘1. There are no light sources in the scene (emitters, sky, IBL). The render will be black.
2. startRender returned -1.’


‘1. File “C:\Users\Sebastian\Desktop\ffff_DISP.png” has not been found. Render cannot continue.
2. Bitmap File not found ( C:\Users\Sebastian\Desktop\ffff_DISP.png ) in displacement of Material “trdtf” .
3. Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue.
4. startRender returned -1.’

What do i do to fix these problems? This is my first time using maxwell and i only need a small render before i put it into photoshop and do a full render!

Many thanks, Jed.

While someone here may be able to help you, you should probably reach out to Maxwell.

I sent them an email mate but i am hoping for a fix by the end of tonight and i doubt that they are in a rush to get back to me!

You could try this.

  1. Select the ‘Scene Manger’ button on to toolbar.
  2. Select the ‘Environment’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Type’ and change to ‘Physcal Sky’ and ‘On’.

See if this works.

Thanks for the reply mate, it only gives me the option to select ‘Sky’ and there is no option for ‘On’

Heres a gyazo of my options! Screenshot - cb86ba61f9d5bbe7fe3cf4e494b58945 - Gyazo


Try moving the ‘Temperature’ to 5780.

Do you have a ‘Maxwall Fire’ button on the toolbar? If so, can you render a view with ‘Maxwall Fire’ button?