Materials scaling with scaled components

I am using unistrut throughout a model that I scale to length as needed. Is it possible to get a material’s scale to stay true while scaling the length of the component that the material is painted inside of? I would like to be able to use a galvanized material that will show the same no matter the length scale of the strut. I’ll have thousands of pieces of strut in a model and so clicking in to each to reset the material scale isn’t practical.

Materials will get scaled but you could use Move or Push/Pull to change the length and avoid the problem altogether.

So there isn’t a way to lock the scale ratio of a material? Placing thousands of pieces of strut and scaling them to length is already a big task, making each component unique so I can click in and push pull/move is not worth having the accurate material.

About using a simple gray color instead of a texture? Easier to apply and won’t scale.

Via the right click menu, make the component unique then scale definition, both on the menu

You can make the component dynamic with a group inserted that automatically does the above, please upload the component.

I’m not sure I follow. I’ll include the strut component.
UNISTRUT DEEP 1.625.skp (49.9 KB)

To descale the material the scale factor of the component needs to be 1, groups and component instances can be reset, return to original size ,whereas component definitions can be rescaled so the current size is taken as the new base for the scale.
So scale definition will fix the material on the current instance, however all the other instances will be recalculated based on the new base size. therefore making the instance unique first will not effect the others.
Any component that has a nested dynamic function that causes a redraw, will make the component unique and start with a size scale =1.
With regards to the unistrut file. I checked that the nested groups were unscaled(reset was greyed out) then for the component, as the scale definition was available, I scaled the definition to have all in sync.

I added a scaler/swatch into the strut to cause the component to become unique and redraw. This hidden rectangle can be used to store materials if required. I changed this group (strut) to a component, as groups only behave when they do not have dynamic nesting.

UNISTRUT DEEP 1.625 (3).skp (77.5 KB)

That works! Thanks